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Activities and leisure

Quad Marrakech

Discover the desert and its rugged terrain, palm groves and Berber villages that surround Marrakech quad. Adventure and pleasure will be at the rendezvous!

Departure: 9h00
Duration : 1 day

Fantasia at Ali-Marrakech

With us, you can benefit from the atmosphere of the Arabian Nights, Chez Ali offers you a show dinner in Berber tents in a bewitching atmosphere with dancers, acrobats, riders, fireworks, folk music ...

Departure: 20h00
Duration:  1 night

Tour in carriage Marrakech

Climb aboard a carriage and get away from all the souks. The famous carriage, a must for any tourist visiting Marrakech. Discover its magnificent gardens and historic walls.

Departuret : 9h00
Duration : 1 day

Balloon flight in Marrakech

Our agency offers you safely a unique and unforgettable adventure at any age, we give you an appointment for 2 hours of adventure. You attend the inflation of the balloon, impressive spectacle.

Departure : 9h00
Duration :2 hours

Visit guide Tour Marrakech 1 Day

We put at your disposal an experienced guide, and a comfortable vehicle, to visit the "pearl of the south" and to discover the monuments of the ancient city, its museum, its Souks and its magnificent historical gardens.

Departure: 9h00
Duration : 1 day

Visit guide Tour Marrakech 1/2 Day

Visit Marrakech, to discover the historical and cultural wealth of the city: the Koutoubia Mosque, the Bahia Palace, the Saadian Tombs and the Menara Gardens ...

Departure : 9h00
Duration : 1 jour

Stroll with back of Dromedary Marrakech

Our agency gives you the opportunity to ride the back of these dromedary Marrakech, to think outside the box, to experience an exceptional way of life ...

Departure : 9h00
Duration: 1 day